How to stop boat or engine theft this summer

Be Alert: Don’t Let Thieves Steal Your Boating Joy

The weather is warming up and the long awaited boating season is here. Happy boat owners eagerly prepare for sun-filled days on the water, enjoying clear skies and the calls of seagulls. Unfortunately, this is also the time when thieves become active, targeting boats and expensive equipment. Motorboat engines are particularly popular targets due to their high value and relative ease of theft. Thankfully, stopping boat or engine theft and safeguarding your valuable assets is simple with the Tramigo Asset Tracker, providing peace of mind throughout the boating season.

Stopping boat or engine theft with Tramigo Asset Trackers

The Tramigo Asset Tracker offers an innovative and convenient way to secure your valuable assets. With its built-in battery and configurable alert system, it provides real-time notifications to your phone, allowing you to track and locate your equipment using the Tramigo App. The tracker can be discreetly placed in various locations, including the engine compartment, ensuring it remains hidden from thieves. Its robust design and heat tolerance make it a reliable choice for safeguarding your boat’s engine and other essential equipment.

Easy to Hide and Install: Perfect for Inflatable Boats and Engines

Inflatable boats, commonly known as dinghies or brig boats, and boat engines are popular targets for thieves. Weighing around 250kg, these boats can be easily stolen using a trailer, while engines are both expensive and relatively simple to detach and steal. By attaching a Tramigo Asset Tracker to your inflatable boat, engine, or other equipment, it can stop boat or engine theft by setting up geo-fence alerts. These alerts notify you if the item leaves a designated area unexpectedly, providing an extra layer of security. The tracker’s small size and lack of visible wiring make it difficult for thieves to detect, ensuring your valuable assets remain protected.

The Asset Tracker Tracks Anything With Ease

The Tramigo Asset Tracker is both easy to hide and reliable. While Tramigo offers several vehicle tracking solutions that can be connected to the boat’s power source, our experience with customers and resellers indicates that thieves are becoming increasingly aware of such devices. They often check the boat’s battery for wired trackers. The Tramigo Asset Tracker, with its built-in battery, avoids this issue. Boat owners appreciate the ease of use, as it can be recharged wirelessly and lasts the entire season on a single charge. Unlike hardwired devices, it doesn’t drain the boat’s battery or require complicated installation, making it a preferred choice for many.

Tramigo Asset Tracker: The Seasoned Captain’s Choice to Secure the Boating Season

Boating season typically starts in mid-April and lasts as long as the weather permits. While off-season storage facilities provide safe havens for boats, having a reliable tracking solution during the active season is crucial. Insurance may offer financial protection, but the hassle and headache of losing valuable equipment can ruin the limited time you have to enjoy your boat.

Comparing the Tramigo Asset Tracker to other tracking solutions like Apple AirTags reveals significant differences in durability and reliability, which impact your peace of mind when securing valuable and significant assets. With Tramigo, you not only get real-time tracking and alerts but also a robust device designed to withstand the marine environment.

Don’t let thieves steal your joy this boating season.

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