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No two businesses needs are exactly alike and there is no one-size-fits-all, Tramigo GPS vehicle tracking range of solutions allows you to manage and protect vehicles.

Our experience working with businesses such as vehicle finance, car rental, insurance and ridesharing has enabled Tramigo to develop deep insights into the security, monitoring, and affordability requirements across many industries.

Tramigo GPS vehicle tracking offers complete solutions covering hardware, software, and support, from high security tracking requirements to plug & play convenience with OBD diagnostics, so you retain control to manage and protect your investments.

Plug & Play Tracking

Vehicle tracking & diagnostics features

Tramigo OBD & OBD Premium are all‐in‐one Plug and Play tracking device with both vehicle tracking and diagnostics features.

Connects directly to your vehicle’s OBD port. Pair it with your TramigoApp or TramigoCloud and you are ready to start tracking every time your vehicle is on. Tramigo OBD premium includes an internal battery that will continue to transmit location for approximately 20 minutes even if the device is disconnected by someone.

This compact device provides users with not only tracking and diagnostics data but also the ability to reset unwanted DTC error codes as well as configure a range of alarms. Tramigo OBD Premium is CATM1 ready.

Secure Tramigo GPS vehicle tracking

Driver Performance and Safety

Permanently installed (typically covertly) tracking devices, powered by the vehicle’s own power, voltage range 6V – 37V and beyond, with a large back-up battery.

Van recovery within 2 hours

Oulu, Finland

Vehicle security is a big issue for fleet owners. If you own two or more vehicles, driven not just by you but other drivers and with no central location to keep them parked under the watchful eye of a security guard, you will always be at risk. A van, a bus, a truck can be stolen at any point. Whether the driver is dropping a package and leaving the van on the roadside or parks it for the night, it is at risk. Therefore, it is very important to be able to locate your vehicle quickly and report it to the Police to enable a timely and safe recovery. Ratti Group, a logistic company in Oulu, Finland were able to recover one of their stolen vehicle within mere hours, using one of Tramigo’s tracking solutions.

On the night of November 10th, 2021, several alerts from the Tramigo App woke Dany, Ratti’s Chief Operation Officer. The alerts showed an anomaly – a van that is usually parked and stays parked until the next day- is moving.

After several calls to the drivers, it was confirmed that the vehicle is not driven by any of the drivers and was stolen from the company’s parking lot. At that moment Tramigo App was reporting that the vehicle is moving towards Ylivieska, which is about an hour and 40 minutes’ drive away from Oulu.

The police were called and provided with the location details shown in Tramigo App which allowed them to have cordoned off on the intersection of Tulolantie and Jousitie in Ylivieska and were able to apprehend the thieves in less than two hours. Police reported that a crowbar had been used to break into the vehicle and that the thieves had hot-wired the vehicle. As per the motive, the thieves told the police they needed a ride, and that’s why they took the vehicle – how convenient!

When the van was recovered, trolleys used by the company were all missing. According to the police, there was no quick way to find out where the thieves offloaded those trolleys. It was apparent they ditched somewhere along the route, which had to be manually checked. However, Tramigo App was able to point out yet another anomaly – a stop along the route near a lake in Huumola; it’s between Oulu and Ylivieska.

Ratti’s team went to that stop shown on the map and were able to find all trolleys ditched earlier. One of the excellent features offered by Tramigo solutions is the ability to install the tracker in an unusual spot which makes it difficult for the thieves to locate the tracker quickly and disable it. However, in Ratti’s case, the tracking solution used was Tramigo OBD premium a non-wiring tracking device that doesn’t have an immobilization feature.

After this incident, Ratti group installed T24 solution for more security and secrecy. Owning a vehicle can be a huge investment and an excellent means to commute from point A to B, however, this investment will always be at risk of being stolen. When not safely locked in the garage at home or office, vehicles are mostly parked unattended! Tramigo solutions will not only point out the anomaly on time but also help you track and locate your vehicle immediately. Using TramigoApp with easy access from your mobile phone you will be able to check on your vehicle at all times, the routes it is travelling, the stops it makes, and in case of emergency, recover it as well.

Tramigo Vehicle Tracking

Product Range

Tramigo OBD Standard

Easy to self-install device, connects to the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) port eliminating installation costs and headaches.

Tramigo OBD Premium

An all‐in‐one Plug and Play compact wireless OBD tracking device with both vehicle tracking and diagnostics features.

Tramigo 4G Tracker

Provides reliable, secure and convenient 4G vehicle tracking – suitable for real-time tracking of motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks.

Tramigo FCT Plus

Small and affordable vehicle tracker for motorbikes and other light vehicles that supports a wide voltage range while offering all the basic tracking features.

Tramigo T24 eSIM

Secure Vehicle Tracking For Private Cars & SME Fleet Owners Ready to go with built-in eSIM providing reliable multi-network connectivity.


Easy but secure way to track and monitor your vehicles anytime and anywhere. Whether a small or a large fleet when you are looking to track vehicles for personal or business use.

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