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TRAMIGO FCT Plus Vehicle Tracker

Small And Discreet GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • Feature-rich low-cost GPS tracker
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cost efficiently monitor large number of vehicles
  • Immobilise remotely
  • Locate instantly

The Tramigo FCT Plus tracker, a 4G device with 2G fallback version of the best-selling FCT Series, is the first reliable and user-friendly vehicle GPS tracking solution tailored for lower-cost vehicles.

The development of a cost-effective 4G solution was driven by the 2G sunsets occurring in multiple countries worldwide, resulting in a need for an alternative tracking solution.

Along with the amazing features of the standard Tramigo FCT, the Tramigo FCT Plus is designed to provide real-time location tracking, driving behaviour monitoring, and tracking capabilities for vehicles and assets in areas with 4G and 2G network coverage.

Small And Discreet GPS Vehicle Tracker

Discover an affordable method to monitor your vehicle in real-time directly from your smartphone.

This solution covers all essential vehicle security needs, including automatic alerts in case of theft, installation tampering, or unauthorized movement beyond a designated range.

If you detect misuse, effortlessly activate remote engine shutdown using your smartphone, and promptly locate your vehicle for swift recovery.

Ideal For Vehicle Financing And Insurance Companies

A feature-rich low-cost GPS tracker with key security features and quick and easy installation makes this a very attractive choice for vehicle finance and insurance companies.

Companies are now able to cost efficiently monitor large numbers of vehicles in a centralised and automated manner.

And not only track location but also secure your investment by preventing border crossings or remotely immobilize and locate instantly in cases of emergencies or extreme misuse.


Affordable, yet very capable and reliable GPS tracker


Automatically detect unauthorized movement beyond customizable zones/areas


Track your vehicles location on the TramigoApp on your smartphone


Get notified in real-time if your vehicle gets stolen


Embedded with eSIM means track anywhere with no additional fees or charges


Compact size means the tracker is easy to hide


Get alerted in real time if someone attempts to remove or tamper with your tracker

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