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Looking To Manage Your Fleet?

Tramigo GPS fleet management software allows you to manage, optimize and reliably secure your fleet operations even in the most demanding environments.

Get powerful reporting and analysis features to increase predictability and maximize ROI.

Offering the latest software technology, multi-network connectivity for smooth operation across borders and in remote areas and reliable hardware with after sales support.


Multinetwork Connectivity

Tramigo connectivity is designed to ensure our customers can rely on the best possible coverage regardless of the country they operate in.

Tramigo connectivity will automatically select the best network in 194 countries of the world.

Improved Route Planning & Optimisation

Get on top of your business with data.

Use data from Tramigo software to optimize routes and driving slots to save time and costs.

Know your fuel consumption and detect misuse and thefts.

Follow your driver’s driving behavior and use the information for rewards and training.

Global Coverage

Tramigo connectivity is designed to ensure our customers can rely on the best possible coverage regardless of the country they operate in. Tramigo connectivity will automatically select the best network in 194 countries of the world.

Comprehensive Reporting

Working with large companies and/or in cross border logistics significantly increases your reporting requirements. You can use Tramigo to meet all your reporting requirements by tracking, monitoring, reporting and isolating data related to vehicle usage as needed. With Tramigo’s direct data exports you will have no problem complying with even the most rigorous compliance standards.

Manage Your Drivers And Fleet To Grow Your Business

Lower your operating expenses by optimizing the life span of your assets and generating savings in spare parts. Use Tramigo solutions to monitor all your assets to prevent unnecessary breakages and to stay aligned with maintenance cycles. Monitor driver behaviour and maintain tight control over operations in real time.

Permanently Installed Tracking Devices

Powered by the vehicle’s own battery (voltage range 6V to 37V and beyond), typically covertly installed with a large back-up battery. Covering the most demanding mission critical fleet management requirements. Compatible with Tramigo Fleet SIM or local SIM. Complete vehicle tracking with advanced security features such as immobilization for 12V cars and light vehicles.

Complete Mission Critical Fleet Management solution from a single provider guaranteeing seamless interoperability across the whole solution.

Tramigo software and app options are available for either self hosted to cloud hosted servers, with complete solutions available in turn-key deliveries from design to implementation and financing.

Tramigo’s core competency is delivering fleet management solutions to businesses operating in some of the world’s most demanding environments.

With the embedded intelligence, you can operate even without the internet.

From the convenience and scale offered by the cloud to the full privacy and control guaranteed by our self hosted options, Tramigo is able to accommodate the most demanding customers.

Mission critical fleet management complete with hardware, software, multinetwork regional connectivity, installation and staff onboarding.

  • Mission Critical Reliability
  • Self-Hosted Server Or Tramigo Cloud Convenience
  • Smart Real-Time Exception Alarms
  • Powerful Reporting For Effective Analysis
  • Wide Range Of Advanced Fleet Accessories

Large fleet equipped with Tramigo’s Mission Critical Fleet Management Capabilities

Case Study

Over 150 trucks successfully completed within only 36 hours.

One of Tramigo’s most valuable clients has recently entrusted Tramigo with a large fleet of trucks operating in countries like South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Congo, and Namibia. Tramigo assisted the client recently with clearing, forwarding, and installing a Mission Critical Fleet Management solution to manage its newly purchased trucks arriving at Tanzanian ports.

A fleet of our customers trucks arrived at the port late Sunday evening, where Tramigo technicians were already prepared with the tools and hardware needed to install Tramigo’s Mission Critical Fleet Management system. In less than 36 hours, Tramigo technicians prepared and equipped all trucks with Mission Critical Fleet Management systems before they were released from Tanzania’s port and customs yard to be registered in Zambia. Convoys will be driven from Dar Salaam, Tanzania, to DRC and can be monitored and controlled using Tramigo fleet management.

Why choose Tramigo to manage and secure your convoys?

Remove 99% of blind spots – using traditional tracking solution providers will result in loss of contact when your fleet and cargo travel in remote areas or cross-country borders.
Real Time Location means Real Location – Tramigo pings your fleet location every 10 seconds here traditional systems update the location only once every 3 to 5 minutes.
Best price and connectivity – Tramigo embedded connectivity automatically switches over to the best available network while but keeps you connected for the best price.
Local Installation and Support – Tramigo provides Pan African service where your installation is always handled by either your local Tramigo team or your nearest authorised partners depending on your situation.

What’s your priority, when your staff, fleet and cargo are all valuable?
This highlights the differences between how often GPS position is communicated with a standard service providers system and when your fleet is tracked using Tramigo.

Standard market practice:
Data points are few and far between.

Tracking with Tramigo:
Operator can monitor fleet and cargo location in real time.

Follow your fleet in real time with Tramigo Cloud

TramigoCloud generates near-real-time alerts and notifications concerning unsafe driving behaviours. Fleet managers can follow their fleet in real-time and reroute trucks as needed. Clear mapping shows where trucks are, as well as expected arrival time. This improves customers service by guaranteeing more reliable delivery schedules. Using fleet tracking accessories such as immobilizers, fleet managers can shut down engines in the event of an emergency or if a vehicle enters or leaves an unauthorized zone.

Tramigo GPS Fleet Management

Product Range


The flagship GPS tracking device built for demanding enterprise level fleet management.

Tramigo T24 eSIM

Secure Vehicle Tracking For Private Cars & SME Fleet Owners Ready to go with built-in eSIM providing reliable multi-network connectivity.

TRAMIGO M1 Fleet Management Software

Designed to bring the full features of enterprise vehicle tracking and fleet management software to a privately hosted environment.

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