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TRAMIGO 4G Vehicle Tracker

Advanced vehicle tracking system designed to work on 4G networks.

  • Supports 2G and 4G
  • Configurable Alarms
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Remote Immobiliser

Suitable for real-time tracking of motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks.
A complete tracking system equipped with built-in eSIM, meaning no need to purchase local SIM.

Track Any Vehicle

Able to track and secure any vehicle from motorcycles to heavy trucks and anything in between. 4G brings additional speed to the real-time tracking and reporting features.

This can be used in any vehicle from motorcycle to heavy truck. It is one solution for all kinds of vehicles (motorcycle and car 12.6 V, truck 13.7-14.7 V), as it works between 8V and 32V.


Detect unauthorized movement across cusstomizeable zones/areas


Configure preferred perioding automated reports


Easy to understand information about your vehicle locations with TLD landmarks when you use the TramigoApp or Cloud


A complete tracking solution with built-in multinetwork eSIM, no need to buy local SIM

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